Friday, 12 September 2014

the pig light show and the electric prunes

The Pig Light Show was the work of Marc L Rubinstein once the 60's light show for Bill Graham's Fillmore East in New York as well as the Al Heyward and John Sheridan Capital Theatre in New Jersey. All his images were personally created on overhead projectors, slide projectors with colour ripple wheels along with other effects and lights, (but he aint saying what they are)
Today he creates them in his studio at home and transforms them into digital files which then get tweaked to replicate the multi projector images of the 60's. Many using the same projectors and light shows that made Pig Light Show famous. These are real images and nothing was made by a computer, algorithm, fractal imager or any other device. Although he does create on a computer, every image is created by him.

    "These effects are "tested" in these videos to see how they might work with music before I try them in live concert events, though many like them just like this best. You can from time to time see how I redo a piece of music with different effects then just created. My live work is always improvised from the over 35,000 effects clips I have created".
    Marc L Rubinstein

Seeing Rubinstein's light show projections on video is the visual equivalent of listening to audio in analogue. In live shows the equipment is as different as a record player is to an mp3 player. The patterns may be replicated similarly in computer generated effects but there is a real perceptible warmth about these images that digital just cannot capture in the same way. Today they seem like a disappearing art form.

And here is the old liquid light show master turning his hand to a track called "Circles" from the old garage psyche masters 'The Electric Prunes' . The accumulative effect of which is like a 4.30 minute trip in slow motion, and that's even the singing. Amazingly they released a new album earlier this summer called 'WAS'.

    "From the brand new The Electric Prunes CD "WaS" given a bit of "official" Pig Light Show love for my dear friends of the band (James, Jay, Steve, Walter and Ken "the new guy") and in memory of original Bassist and friend Mark Tulin who we lost WAY too soon".

It's quite extraordinary that after some 50 years the band and Rubinstein should meet again inside this one video.
The Electric Prunes album from their website.
Marc L. Rubinstein's channel is full of classic tracks set to his light shows