Thursday, 11 September 2014

chessman caught

Occasionally you'll come across a video from rock and rolls distant pass that captures the very soul of a generation from a long gone age. It's also just very occasionally you might just find in the comments an addition from one of the original members of that actual rock and roll past. It sort of makes the circle round in a way that would have been impossible to complete before the huge dumpng ground of videos began.

So here we have The Chessmen and a piece of garage beat punk set to a freakbeat video clip of a bunch of hipsters doing the twist on some remote beach in.. well it looks cold enough to be England, that after all these years is still a cool enough track to do 120.000 hits.
And had it not been for some rube to comment about the "moog" being played on the track we'd have never heard a rather miffed reply from 'Steve', who had the real insider detail only a member of the group could have, to set us all straight.

    "I'm not too sure what you mean by "that moog", but in this record, Kevin used a Farfisa Combo Compact organ, Chuck used a Fender Precision Bass through a Fender Bassman amp, Steve (me) used a Fender Stratocaster guitar through a Fender Super Reverb amp and a Gibson Maestro Fuzz Tone, Phil used a Hagstrom solid body guitar through a Fender Princeton amp, and John played Gretsch drums."

In the picture above there is seated left to right in the 1967 photo: "Steve Griebel, Jon Finchum, Kevin Evans, ..." and that's where it ends because the original article can't be read as the server can't be found.
And today that's how close rock and rolls past comes to never being seen or heard at all. Unless you've got the record of course. Here is the Chessmen "You Can't Catch Me" (1966), in all it'a fuzzy tripped out glory.