Wednesday, 10 September 2014

thyme of the season

    From the Southern English Midlands with an eye towards the crystalline acid folk of Pentangle and rougher hue of Trees.
This is how The Lords Of Thyme describe themselves on their soundcloud profile and there really is no better description than that. Maybe mention there is a reflection of Nick Drake deep in the sound of 'Park Song'. But then Nick Drake's music was of the very time the 'Lords Of Thyme' are evoking here. Park Song has it's soul in psychedelic folk of the sixties and has much a place in the genre as any of the legends.
Taken from their new EP out in October, it's available through Sunstone Records who seem to be selling out there releases rather nicely.
As did the second track 'Proud Maisre' taken from their last release and is as every bit a perfect piece of traditional English Folk as you'll find, with the golden voice of Michelle Griffiths (we think) making her entry from about half way into the song. Hardly surprising this sold out.
Lets hope this stuff is going on vinyl too. They have live dates coming up in November, see their facebook for details.