Tuesday, 16 September 2014

now U2 see it, now U2 don't

Heard about the recent invasive automatic download of the latest U2 album on iTunes? Of course you have. After the thickheaded publicity stunt cooked up by the corporate monster (choose your pick which one it is) Apple have now done an about face and made a removal tool available after gazillions of complaints of not being able to remove the playlist once it had arrived in their iTunes music library. They have also added in somewhat sour grapes fashion, words to the effect of, once you remove it you can't play with our toy no more.
If you would like to rid yourself of 'Songs Of Innocence' get the download here
And before we all have a quiet smirk at how that's all turned out remember it's been downloaded by 33 million people already. A more sobering thought altogether.

fruits de mer 7 and 7 singles

And now something that won't be forcing itself on you and is much more desireable, the new Fruits De Mer "7 and 7" singles release. A box-set of fine vinyl 45s featuring some of the labels favourite bands reinterpreting songs by some of the best bands that came out of the USA in the 60s.

    The Bevis Frond play Clear Light
    The Higher State play 13th Floor Elevators
    The Chemistry Set play Love
    Sendelica play the United States of America
    King Penguin play The Byrds
    The Gathering Gray play Moby Grape
    Black Tempest/The Seventh Ring Of Saturn play Spirit/Grateful Dead

All in FDM's bespoke packaging and even with a free 7" bonus vinyl.
Details of ordering from fruitsdemerrecords.com Here's a preview of one of the treasures within - Nature's Way' by Black Tempest (originally recorded by Spirit).