Thursday, 28 August 2014

1967 and the arrival of pink floyd

In August 1967 Pink Floyd released their first album 'Piper At the Gate Of Dawn'. It was to be a year that very nearly defined the 60's, for Pink Floyd it most certainly did. These were the highlights of that year and which produced 3 singles alongside the LP and a series of gigs that became legendary with Syd Barrett's songs in the ascendance. Things were to never be quite the same again.

  • Feb 1st : Pink Floyd spent the day recording parts for the Syd Barrett songs 'Arnold Layne' and 'Candy And A Current Bun' at Sound Techniques Studios, Chelsea, London. Floyd also turned professional on this day after signing a deal
  • March 27 - Sound Techniques Studio, Old Church Street, Chelsea: Pink Floyd begin recording a demo tape of six songs to shop to record labels. Joe Boyd produces with John Wood engineering.
  • March 4 - Pink Floyd: "Arnold Layne" / "Candy and a Currant Bun" [UK release]
  • March 30 - Pink Floyd: "Arnold Layne" [Columbia DB 8156, UK charts #20]
  • May 16 - Pink Floyd: "See Emily Play" / "Scarecrow" [Columbia release UK]
  • May 29-30 - London: "14-Hour Technicolour Dream" at Alexandra Palace: the Who, the Move, Pink Floyd, the Pretty Things, Soft Machine, the Social Deviants, Tomorrow, Alexis Korner, the Creation, the Graham Bond Organization, etc.
  • June 17 - Pink Floyd: "See Emily Play" / "Scarecrow" [Columbia release. US.]
  • June 22 - Pink Floyd: "See Emily Play" [Columbia DB 8214, charts, UK #6]
  • July 6 - "Top of the Pops, BBC Lime Grove Studios, Shepherd's Bush, London 6 July, 1967. A mimed performance of See Emily Play was featured on Top of the Pops. Broadcast on BBC1 at 7:30 PM. (video above)
  • July 29 - London: International Love-In at Alexandra Palace featuring Eric Burdon and the Animals, the Pink Floyd, the Blossom Toes, the Apostolic Intervention, the Creation, the Nervous System, Tomorrow, Sam Gopal, Arthur Brown, and Ginger Johnson
  • Aug 4 - Pink Floyd: Piper at the Gates of Dawn [Columbia LP release]
  • Sept 1 - London: UFO Festival at the Roundhouse begins featuring the Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Tomorrow with Keith West, and Pink Floyd
  • Sept 2 - London: UFO Festival at the Roundhouse continues featuring the Move, Soft Machine, Denny Laine, the Nack, Fairport Convention, and Pink Floyd
  • Oct 1 - Pink Floyd arrives in US for first tour
  • Nov 17 - Pink Floyd: "Apples and Oranges" / "Paint Box" [Columbia release. US]
  • Dec 22 - London: "Christmas on Earth, Continued . . ." at the Olympia Grand Hall featuring Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, the Animals, etc.