Tuesday, 2 September 2014

rock and toll

Yesterday Robert Plant streamed his new album "Lullaby And… The Ceaseless Roar" but as there are 4 (count 'em) adverts embedded into the stream it will not be appearing here. Shame because the tracks sound very good, those that were heard before it became intolerable to suffer the intrusion any longer.
This recent commercial addition to certain videos on YouTube is possibly one of the worst insults to music ever. It breaks the mood the artist creates with an album and reduces the content to a by product of the advertising. It insults the artist and audience in equal measure. Who knows where the advertising revenue goes. As of now it won't be over much with the video only having done 900 hits.
The stream is here if you really want to suffer the commercial nagging.
UPDATE : The stream has now been taken down due to a copyright claim by Warner Music Group.
So how does that work out with the record released on Nonesuch. Who owns what, what owns who?
There is an alternative stream of the tracks but it seems to be only available in Canada. Why that should be is not obvious and equally as stupid.
Oddly, Plant's band and the one that has been named throughout the years gigs "The Sensational Space Shifters" is not even named on the cover of the CD. Recent comments by Plant suggested this might even be his last record.. given this fiasco it might well be a smart move.