Tuesday, 26 August 2014

the luck of eden hall be with you

That kaleidoscope of psychedelic songs, The Luck Of Eden Hall are releasing a new single "The Happiness Vending Machine". This Chicago band have been way ahead of the recent emergence of new psyche over the last 2 or 3 years are approaching their 25th anniversary, and what a compendium of sound they've created throughout the decades.
Best known to us in the UK with their EP release a couple of years back on Fruits De Mer they've also recently forged a partnership with Headspin Records in the Netherlands. And yes of course it takes a record label from the Netherlands to grab a bag of the Chicago night trippers last album 'Victoria Moon' with a lavish vinyl package. Although you should note Headspin currently don't have the album in stock although it's predicted release date is Sept 1st. The groups Bandcamp site do have a limited supply. Either way one of these will yield results.
The Luck Of Eden Hall on bandcamp - Headspin Records
And if all that ain't enough for the songwriting mind of Greg Curvey he's also got a Soundcloud page full of twists and turns he's been working on. One of which is his soundtrack for the recent movie "The Stream".
"The Happiness Vending Machine" below is released on September 1st from their website
Below that the 'Victoria Moon' stream including 13 songs. "We have 10 alternate mix and final tracks to share with you here."
Now get out of here Curvey your fab productivity is depressing us all.