Friday, 4 July 2014

long beach convention : daisy house

More new groups are looking into rocks history to find their own sound. Why shouldn't they, confronted with the all consuming commercialisation that eats up and spits out manufactured pop and rock on an industrial scale there are more and more artists that want the freedom to explore and let their music breath.

    Tatiana Hammond of Daisy House -
    "The Sixties (and the folkies, also present in the Seventies). I love the sounds of the Sixties. I love the enthusiasm and the freedom they had to be playful and innovative that I hear in things like Sandy Denny and Joni Mitchell especially, but also in Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Merry Go Round, The Association, The Left Banke etc. I like the fact that experimentation was more ubiquitous in pop culture. Creativity and “weirdness” and “music for music sake” seemed to be more encouraged back then by record labels...
    ...I think that creativity is coming back today, though. I think there are a lot of people turning away from over-commodified music, and a renewed search for what feels more like “authentic art and expression.”
    from an interview with Elizabeth Klisiewicz at BigTakeOver

Tatiana and her father Doug Hammond have just released an album that is about as good a set of folk rock songs you'll hear today. The influences are less a copy of the past more an atmosphere of an era. It's instantly recognisable if you're familier with Fairport Convention's Sandy Denny and Richard Thompson.

    Doug Hammond -
    "That was part of the appeal of using Fairport as a template; it felt fertile and abandoned by the world, at the same time, and it seemed to fit the global economic moment. Handmade music for a world that may or may not find itself using hand tools again
    From an interview by Elizabeth Klisiewicz at BigTakeOver

The new recording 'Beaus And Arrows' was released last month. Beautifully produced tracks all with class arrangements. It's one of those rare albums that finishes as strongly as it starts. You can tell it's been a labour of love and respect for the genre.
The full lineup will give you an idea of the variation in the songs.

Tatiana Hammond: vocals
Doug Hammond: Guitar, bass, keys, vocals, string arrangements, Octave Mandolin, Dulcimer, Banjo etc...
Bill "Blaze" Price: Drums
Camilo Barahona: Fiddle

It's a bit special that on this July 4th an American duo from Long Beach, South California have been so influenced by music that was grown here in the UK some 50 years ago, because some 50 years ago it was happening completely the other way round.

Pick this gem of an album up at their Bandcamp page or from the widget below.