Wednesday, 9 July 2014

astralasia arrival

It's been a month past it's initial release date with Fruits de Mer struggling to get the print run accurate for the new Astralasia vinyl album.

    "a black and white optical image card sleeve housed within a optical image PVC outer sleeve -- so the images disappear when you put the two together
Bet Keith at Fruits De Mer won't be trying that too often. Still it's all come out in the printers wash in the end and is now ready to disappear before your very eyes.

Astralasia's Marc Swordfish remarks they made a departure from their usual approach for the new recording

    "Wind On Water' mostly came about thru jams, a bit similar to our first cassette, rather than being sample-led; it kinda takes us to a more organic, free situation, especially to redo them live. It certainly makes it more exciting for us, even our full-on wig-outs. The current line up is so fluid, it's certainly a most exciting place. Vinyl releases matter to us more than anything and are still paramount, no matter how many people download it or cds,its not the same buzz or sound/art representation gratification, some magic disappears. we may be in a digital age but we are still real, let's keep it so

Krautrock style trance psychedelia. With some nice guitar.
Available from Fruits De Mer for around 20 quid in the UK and from Hey Day or Shiny Beast outside the UK.