Thursday, 3 July 2014

...loadsa money.

Ever wondered how much it would cost to book a band for your gig. Not a local one.. one of the top bands.
The American agency 'Degy Entertainment' have recently released their artists performance fees.
The list below is the top $100,000 plus bracket.
And when you've pick yourself off the floor after asking "Who the hell are they?" a few times you'll notice some obvious standouts.
Bruce Springsteen at a million (truly a working man). Bon Jovi at a million, (really? blimey, bon money !), James Taylor at a million (won't need a friend), Justin's Bieber and Timberlake at a million, (two for one deal available) , Madge at a million (retirement due).
The rest all come in at loadsa but less than a million.
Although it has to be said Bob Dylan is a very economical 150K - 300K. (good luck if he shows up).

The rest of the also rans, that's everyone who earms less than $100,000 are on the other lists where there are even more alarming numbers of "who the hell are they then?".