Thursday, 8 May 2014

craig padilla and 'sonar'

Fruits De Mer are building the electronic music section of their label very nicely. Another high quality recording, this time a double album 'Sonar' by Craig Padilla.
Padilla has been evolving this his electronic symphonies for some years now. You'll recognise the sound instantly. This clip has that compelling "Rainbow in Curved Air" Terry Riley vibe and the modernist electronic composers of the 70's influece. It'll be those vintage synths that do it everytime.

    'Sonar' is a compilation of recordings by Craig Padilla from 1996 onwards, none of which have appeared on CD or vinyl before. Although they span nearly 20 years of recordings, Craig and I selected them to provide a consistent feel across four sides of listening -- music influenced by the kosmische sounds of the 70s, but fed through 21st century equipment. Immerse yourself.

And it's not difficult to immerse yourself in this clip from 'Sonar'. And below that the Tubular Bell like 'Velvet Moon'
All the order details are here