Friday, 9 May 2014

to hell and back for tor-peders

This our final preview of the Fruits De Mer upcoming summer vinyl album releases, and it's a sad tale as much as it is a story of determined completion for how the Swedish band 'Tor-Peders Kepell' (or 'Tor-Peders) album 'Brev Fran Ederstorp' actually came to be.

    "The band was conceived in guitarist Jonas' (Redmo) mind around 2007, the vision being an "organ-propelled fuzz-injected instrumental beat" orchestra with barbed-wire surf guitar on top...
    The influences consisted of different kinds of 60's and 70's music, fusing high-energy surf/garage with jam-oriented prog/psych, and an occasional touch of Swedish folk music.
    After a year's hiatus, the debut gig was performed and a 7" released. Further recording and more gigs in Sweden and abroad followed,
    It all, however, came to a grinding halt as Jonas tragically was run over and killed by a car in August of 2011. The band effectively ceased to be, and what was going to be the debut album was put on ice in the mourning of the loss, probably never to see the light of day.."

The group by then had managed to record enough material for their first album at the time of Jonas' accident.
A few weeks before this he'd also been in contact with Keith Jones at FDM before the fatal accident. At a later date and by a fate of luck (the band at least deserved that) one of the musicians names had been recognised by Keith on a separate FDM recording and subsequently renewed contact was made leading to the release of this one and only album by the band.

    "The music is raw, honest, and follows the original intention of sounding like an unreleased album from decades past— something it almost became itself."

A final part of the bands synchronicity to FDM releasing 'Brev Fran Ederstorp' came when they found they'd covered a well recognised tune from BBC Radio One's early years back in the mid 60's composed by George Martin called 'Theme One', and which also happened to be FDM's first release in their catalogue (vol 1) by 'Schizo Fun Addict' back in 2008, and long since sold out in case your wondering.
A triumphant sounding theme also made very familier in the 70's by prog rock legends Van Der Graaf Generator and also given true justice here by Tor-Peders.
It's a great tribute to Jonas and the band, and reaffirming "Fruits de Mer is clearly a label of love".
Details on the album ordering are here.

Here is a clip of Tor-Peders' new version of "Theme One".