Tuesday, 6 May 2014

astralasia vinyl on fruits de mer

Fruits De Mer summer albums have the unmistakeable quality the London independant label have been consistently releasing for some years now.
Astralasia, described by All Music as "mysterious ambient-dub and tribal house" are pretty much born from the New Age early 90's and have a good dozen recordings behind them by now.
Their latest for FDM 'Wind On Water' is exactly where they want to be.. on vinyl.
The bands Marc Swordfish...

    'Wind On Water' mostly came about thru jams, a bit similar to our first cassette, rather than being sample-led; it kinda takes us to a more organic, free situation, especialy to redo them live. it certainly makes it more exciting for us, even our full-on wig-outs. The current line up is so fluid, it's certainly a most exciting place. Vinyl releases matter to us more than anything and are still paramount, no matter how many people download it or cds,its not the same buzz or sound/art representation gratification, some magick disappears. we may be in a digital age but we are still real, let's keep it so..."

In his usual open humour Keith Jones at FDM describes the sleeve as "black and white optical image card sleeve housed within a optical image pvc outer sleeve -- so the images disappear when you put the two together (that's the theory anyway, we haven't printed them yet!) "
Let's hope it all works out K and them printers get it matched.

Wind On Water is released in early June 2014 - more information here
One look at the artwork and you sort of know what's waiting in this excerpt of their track 'Rangoon'. High quality trance begins >