Friday, 2 May 2014

the return of tir na nog

In the next few posts we're going to focus on the new upcoming albums from London's truly independent label, Fruits De Mer. No rubbish is guaranteed. They'll all be vinyl releases, 'cause that's what FDM do, and packaged in a wondrous way, 'cause they do that as well.
But before the albums are previewed here's the not so small matter of a new single from a couple of guys that have been going since the days of yore (60's) and sound as well if not better than ever before.
It certainly is a most welcome sighting of Tír na nÓg.
What's that?... you've never heard of them. Well that's because they have been hidden away in Ireland since the mid 70's with only a few gigs here and there since the 80's, mostly in Ireland. Until 2010 when some one had the good sense to get them to play a couple of gigs in the UK. From that they've made a speedy recovery to many more live performances collecting many a new fan on the way until here they are in 2014 teaming up in the best possible partnership, with a record on Fruits De Mer .
Sonny Condell and Leo O’Kelly are they that are Tir na nOg and during those long gone days were regular names around the college circuit and festivals. They toured with some of the big names in rock at the time (Tull, Procol Harum, The Who, Roxy Music) but more often seen in a folk line-up because.. well they're two guys with guitars right, and that's what your meant to do.
But there's much more to these guys than folk music. Their website is so they're obviously at ease with using that description. There's no doubt these two lads have a most remarkable sound. We say "lads" because you know what Tír na nÓg means? .... it's Gaelic for "land of eternal youth". What a great name. They fully deserve to still be around to befit that inspired title.

In this clip from the new single you'll hear the ageless roots of Irish music and yet a song craft that is born of that unmistakeable era, and one that many a young band would envy. The voices are rich and full of expression, the music is sonorous and timeless. It is a joy to hear. And all this short 1.34 clip does is make you long to hear more. But Keith at FDM is no mug, he wants you to buy this recording to hear the rest. Which surely we must.

Here's the business end - Coloured vinyl 7" (33rpm) four-tracker, including three new songs and a unique cover of the Silver Apples' 'I Have Known Love'. Price is £5.50 ( more information here.
Pre-ordering outside the UK, from Heyday Mail Order or Shiny Beast.

The duo will be gigging in the UK during May and June, playing old songs and tracks from their new EP. (see their website link above)
Now here is the superb clip from the song 'The Angelus'