Thursday, 15 May 2014

big lazy, kickstarter and a cardboard guitar

Big Lazy are doing a Kickstarter campaign to record a new album. You might even get a cardboard guitar if you help out.
The bands Stephen Ulrich explains the project -

    "We are extremely excited to return to the studio and make the new album so many of our fans have asked about. This campaign is how you can make sure that happens. For the past year I’ve enjoyed countless hours writing for this fifth album. I’ve reinvented the band with Yuval Lion on drums and Andrew Hall playing bass and we’ve further refined Big Lazy’s sound - stripped down highway twang and raunchy crime jazz - in a Brooklyn basement. We will record the album at Vibromonk Studio in an industrial loft in Brooklyn. This is the same time tested environment where all the Big Lazy albums were made. We have a classic approach to making records where we inhabit a recording studio for two weeks getting our hands dirty and capturing raw performances with a focused and collaborative approach. We’ve been performing the new material in NYC clubs for the past year. Big Lazy is now a finely tuned machine and ready to record! If you’ve been to our shows you know we capture the essence of this live experience in our studio work." -

Well we've never seen one of their live shows but it sounds like it's got to be a whole lot of twang for the good.

via Derek See at Bedazzled