Friday, 16 May 2014

macca in the museum of man

Oh this is really great fun.
Macca's new video for "Appreciate" is a very clever bit of science fiction tongue in cheek satire. In it he's seen as a static exhibit (man) in the large cavernous 'Museum Of Man' and is brought to life by a robot (new man) (note, not the other way round as in past sci-fi).
The press release describes it -

    "The video sees Newman on patrol in a museum of humans. Newman is drawn to one exhibition in particular. In a dimly lit sound studio he sees Paul McCartney sitting on a stool holding his iconic hofner bass guitar. Paul twitches making a sound on the guitar and to Newman’s astonishment he starts to come to life as the song “Appreciate” starts up. Paul comes closer to Newman staring at him through a force field that encloses him. Newman reaches through the force field and pulls Paul out of his exhibition. As the two of them move around the museum all the exhibitions start coming to life too."

    McCartney himself adds -
    "I woke up one morning with an image in my head of me standing with a large robot. I thought it might be something that could be used for the cover of my album NEW but instead the idea turned out to be for my music video for “Appreciate.” Together with the people who had done the puppetry for the worldwide hit War Horse we developed the robot who became Newman."

Blimey the guy is still dreaming his next material. Yes, we've heard that from him before.
It's a fab entertaining video and a really good song, Good lord listen to that cavernous bass rumble at the beginning and end, and how the chorus jumps out. His cigar box guitar makes an appearance at the end as well.
This is about as good as high production values get. You can definitely turn this one up to get the full impact.
Presented by Microsoft..? I suppose we better get use to music being delivered like that in the 21st century but when it's done this well who's really going to complain.