Wednesday, 5 March 2014

the electronic fantasy of klaus johann grobe

'Krautrock' is just not a good enough description for Klaus Johann Grobe. This Zurich duo have a crazy oblique way of describing their music, or is it that stupid translator again...
"Synthesizers, drums and bass cannot try to say what many do not understand".
But good sound is good sound and these guys don't need to spell it out. We get it.
"Koordinaten" (that's "Coordinates") is a remarkable piece of European electronica with all it's inherited sounds and the addition of some fantastic vocals. The video they've had produced for this track from their self titled EP is a stunning piece of high quality montage made by their friend and video artist David Elsener. Very few projects are so thrilling or so beautifully coordinated (as it were). Just do some more guys.
"Everything is Klaus Johann Grobe. Everything is Duo. Everything is modern. And everything is today."
You bet Klaus JG. And they've got loads more stuff on Soundcloud. Get it here.