Thursday, 6 March 2014

hendrix biopic "all is by my side"

The first clip of Jimi Hendrix's biopic appeared yesterday (5th March), and as you'd probably expect the 120,000 odd hits in 24 hrs says there is still much interest in the man's story.
The film had it's premiere last year at the Toronto Film Festival and according to 'Classic Rock' was greeted with a fair amount of optimism. This clip would tend to confirm that. Well certainly the acting anyway. Just in this brief extract Andre Benjamin playing Hendrix has completely nailed on all the mannerisms we're so familiar with, the shy glances, the gentle rise and fall to his speech. For Hendrix fans Benjamin's performance may well be an emotional reunion with the personality of the worlds greatest rock guitarist.
Lets hope so cuz you aint going to be getting too much of his original music.
Again a quote from 'Classic Rock, - "director John Ridley clashed with the Hendrix estate over rights issues and creative control, forcing production to advance without his music"
Yes, once again in their infinite wisdom the Hendrix estate put a spanner in the works. What a load of crock. Will there ever be a film made where the story of Hendrix and his music lands in the same editing suite.
Fortunately the estate doesn't own all of the man's music so there may well be some live stuff that makes it through. Apart from that we'll be listening to, as is described by the soundtrack session drummer Kenny Aronoff, "an all-star band laying down tracks like ‘Wild Thing’ and ‘Killing Floor."
OK then, we'll see how the "all-stars" fare up against the master.
But one things for sure there are moments in this clip which seem uncanny. Almost ghost like in the interpretation.
‘All Is by My Side‘ is scheduled to be screened in U.K. during the summer, the US is still to be announced.
In this clip Jimi is chatting up Keith Richards' ex-girlfriend, Linda Keith (Imogen Poots).