Tuesday, 4 March 2014

merchandise on vinyl

There's claims the lineup for Merchandise are just three, Carson Cox (vocals), David Vassalotti (guitar), Patrick Brady (bass) but pictures show four of them. They're from Tampa, Florida but sound like they came from the depths of a grime ridden industrial wasteland. It's said there's been much hype about the band yet the lineup has been in a state of flux or chaos since it began and listening to their new single is not going to help figure it out because that sounds like it's just escaped from 80's Berlin after one of Iggy's less than lucid sessions.
The track begins like it's been dragged up from the basement with a chain and tackle.
Effin' great stuff... and the things 14 minutes long! Anti pop at it's best.

    Having first appeared on a now highly collectable split tour cassette with Chelsea Light Moving at the tail end of last year, 'Begging For Your Life / In The City Light' will receive a one-time vinyl pressing in February 2014 on 4AD. Weighing in at 14 minutes long, just 1,000 individually numbered copies are being manufactured as a one-sided, clear 12" with etching. Details at the website.