Sunday, 3 January 2016


So here we are in 2016, its a new year and as the old cliche goes, a new start.

2015 was a difficult year and a busy year. The music world has lost some all time greats, most noticeably BB King and the recent passing of Motorheads Lemmy, which will leave a huge hole in the rock world.

On a positive note, some great music has been released and performed, including a new Motorhead album. Steven Wilson has gone from strength to strength with a great new album at the start of the year and more astonishing performances at the Royal Albert Hall and Devin Townsend also performing his crazy Z2 album at the UK's iconic Venue. Iron Maiden released a fantastic double album, and a personal favourite, 80's hair metallers W.A.S.P returning with a fantastic album, Golgotha.

Things at the Garage have also been on hold for a while after our own loss, but music has still had a prominent part to play even though things have been on hold. Discovering bands new and old continues to be a large part of everyday events, and hopefully there will be more to discover and share this coming year.

To get things started, heres the first track released from the Garage for 2016. 

Happy new year, have a listen to Chapter Two...