Friday, 4 September 2015

the (original) iron maiden

So.... its been a while, a strange few months with not much done or said and time has flown on by. What better time to start getting back into the swing of things than on the day of the release of Iron Maiden's eagerly awaited new album. Now anyone who's into the band or following the rock/metal world lately is likely to have already picked up their copy, or will find a way to listen to it over the weekend. 

So, the obvious thing to do would be to put up the video for the new single which is already all over the internet and been seen a gazillion times by those who are interested. So we wont do that.

However, I will point you in the direction of this gem. Found by chance while trawling through the vast amounts of Iron Maiden material online, I came across this interesting album by a lesser known band that went by a familiar name. For those who didnt know, it turns out the Iron Maiden name had been used before Steve Harris and co. made one of the biggest heavy metal bands of all time.

The original Iron Maiden is another English band, coming from Essex in the late 1960's. Their only album, Maiden Voyage, released in 1969 is a great example of musicianship and influences of that time. After seeing Cream and Led Zeppelin the band adopted a heavy rock style mixing the sound of traditional rock of the time with psychadellic and what would become doom influences, even though the style hadnt been developed yet, something that would become the familiar sound of Black Sabbath later on.

The album is full of great guitar work and lyrical subjects, just a shame its a little let down by the poor production of the time.

Listen to the full album, Maiden Voyage