Wednesday, 18 February 2015

the strange trip of beaulieu porch

10 out of 10 to Beaulieu Porch for creating by far the most tripped out album of songs in 2015. Yes it's only February but 'The Carmelite Divine (Original Soundtrack)', and presumably some wild imaginary film in the head of creator Simon Berry, will likely not be beaten this year when it comes to an outright psychedelic pop trip album.
This bunch of album tracks has had Lennon Strawberry Field like comparisons in it's song and vocal delivery which can either be a great compliment or an unnecessary burden given it's nearly 50 years ago that song came into being. But it will also be more than obvious on the first listen there are most definitely some Beatle 67 era motifs going on with the Beaulieu Porch dynamic.
Lennon vocal like, yes if that is running them back at twice the speed, is not so much in the tone but in the phrasing used. The song content is certainly as outrageous though. Dig the editing and mixing of a considerable amount of instrument overlays, which is no easy task, and you'll here a kaleidoscope of symphony with added parts cacophony as a backdrop to the song. This album is not about soloing. Each song creates it's own landscape, hence it being called a soundtrack is the guess.
Although good luck reproducing this at gigs Simon!... of course he's unlikely to be doing that. This UK musician is likely to hold his ideas in his head until another session in the Tillsammans Records Studio's where he recorded this. And some marathon session that must have been. Nah.. he must have layed this out in his own studios and mixed it in the Tillsammans place otherwise the cost of this would have been as tripped out as his album.
The Carmelite Divine is available on CD from March or now as a digital download from the bandcamp site. Use the widget below or click here.