Tuesday, 24 February 2015

blown out by jet black hallucinations

The psychedelic space drone of Blown Out. And then some. This UK Newcastle trio are about to release a vinyl album that will melt more than few ears. Judging by the title track they're streaming the sound is a monster of an ever evolving guitar thread set against a drone backdrop.
It takes a minute and half for them to warm up the lift off and then hear it burn into the night sky for the next 15 minutes. This is psychedelic space rock drunk in hell. And that's their description and we won't disagreeing with that.

'Jet Black Hallucinations' is available on 180 gram vinyl (it'll need to be with this sound) from March at a very reasonable price of 14 quid via their bandcamp page.
Warning though, such is the thunder on this album you might well need a coin on the stylus arm to stop it jumping off the vinyl. Alternatively have no such problem and get the downloads for 5 dollars also via the widget.