Wednesday, 17 December 2014

stolen body on the loose

Very good to see another independent vinyl label springing to their feet in the UK. Bristol's Stolen Body are certainly making enough noise to be taken seriously. They've got a list of interesting artists building and the latest release due in January is by Al Lover, a San Fransican producer (wots he doin' in Bristol then) with a back catalogue of garage and psyche. His new release 'Cave Ritual' is giving your ears 20 minutes of layered science fiction trance and a side of shorter tracks.
There's the briefest taste of that below.. (come on guys lets have a minute at least).

There's a Bristol Psychedelic Festival that the label are obviously all caught up with (Check their Facebook page) planned for 2015 plus further releases.
Stolen Body records also doubles up as a record shop selling vinyl from other labels specialising in garage rock and psychedelic rock (but not exclusively).
Much afoot down in Bristol then. See their website for some splendid noise and some tasty distribution for Rhino Records, and other classic bands of the genre. Even got 3 classic The Doors albums on 180 gram vinyl. Great stuff.