Tuesday, 16 December 2014

lennon's killer 'hopes to see him in heaven' story.

A rather bizarre story appeared in this weekends Mail On Sunday. It's not unusual anything other than bizarre stories appear in Sunday tabloids but why on earth the wife of John Lennon's killer should be talking to the Mail you can only speculate.
It seems the good woman of the deranged maniac who 34 years ago this December decided the world would be a far better place without the songwriter has spoken for the first time about the husband she married 18 months before the shooting. Gloria Hiroko Chapman said her hubby hoped to meet Lennon in heaven and he would say "I'm sorry I caused so much pain" and that the couple had also written to Yoko seeking forgiveness. Gloria also confided "John was a nice person but Mark wasn't thinking about that, that day, and put himself first. That was his mistake".

He obviously doesn't know about Instant Karma.