Wednesday, 24 September 2014

the endless river, the shortest preview

Pink Floyds first album for 20 years, due on 10th November, has just been previewed on a less than generous 30 second soundcloud clip. Who knows why many of these old rockers have become so paranoid about letting anyone hear more than a short preview is baffling given that a longer clip is hardly likely to effect the sales.
There is an odd paradox happening in rock music that has one of the biggest selling acts giving away an album and another fearful of letting anyone hear a new one. These are indeed strange days.
But there is 30 seconds of The Endless River to be heard, and most folk will be intrigued to know what the bickering ones are up to these days. Apparently they've stopped bickering, but not with Roger Waters who won't be appearing on the album although some of Rick Wright's last compostions will be. The original instrumental recordings were begun by Gilmour and Mason back in 1994 with the later sessions added in 2013. And what does it sound like?.. exactly like Pink Floyd.
The soundcloud clip is posted by a 'Felix Gauloises' of Villach, Austria, but why he should have the first glimpse of the prized 30 second Pink teaser is a bit daft. Who's blowing smoke up who's.. if you get the drift.