Friday, 19 September 2014

garage psyche that ended well

Here's the second album from 'The Bad Joke That Ended Well', "Alta Loma" made it out of the studio in 2 days. Just like it used to be done when the record company wouldn't spend the dough and bands wouldn't dream of taking any longer to make an album. And it probably wasn't too different for the guys in 'Bad Joke', and anyway garage rock is not well suited to over thinking things. Ask Iggy Pop, he just let this stuff out and people figured it out later. They never even got around to learning Johnny B Goode. And you can bet 'Bad Joke' haven't either.
Go looking for psychedelia in their hometown of Bristol (UK... yes it's still the UK) and you'll be wading through trance and club DJ sound sytems until you're half tripping. 'The Bad Joke That Ended Well' are not one of these.
Hear the rest of "Alta Loma" at bandcamp where they will also sell you it on vinyl too. If they've got any left that is.