Friday, 8 August 2014

trip with the 'slow motion rider'

See the poster above. That's the way to work a band, get in a club at the weekend and stay there until you're chucked out and it obviously took a month for Slow Motion Rider to leave Casey's in Downtown LA. Must have been a very good scene there at the weekend.
After that residency the ideal move would have been to tour the new album but alas no tour dates are scheduled yet. So for now there's just the album to absorb. And what a sound they've produced or rather Rob Campanella (The Brian Jonestown Massacre guitarist) has produced.
If this trio of Alan Stone (vocals/guitar), Blake Kennedy (bass) Austin Hand (drums) can get close to the sound of this album playing live they're are set to blow some minds in the rest of the States. Europe would love this band too. This is superior garage psyche that has the playing power of the best jam style German and Swedish bands around with that added authenticity of US psychedelia. Make your own comparisons from psyches heritage because you'll hear them and dig it.
The widget streams 4 tracks from the self titled album, and below that the video for "Wondered Why". Which is low res and really just about the track.

Their label 'Committee to Keep Music Evil' are obviously a bespoke independant with the likes of The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Asteroid 4, and Elephant Stone amongst their artists. Buy the Slow Motion album on Vinyl, CD, and MP3 here