Thursday, 7 August 2014

marianne and the death of jim morrison

Marianne in 1971. (2014 (c) Created with the assistance of Adel Kuptsoff . Company KGIS. All rights protected).

It's more a sign of the times than anything else, that when a newspaper finds a story it's often come from another source rather than their own investigation or questions.
Such was this mornings report in a column at the bottom of an inside page in The Daily Telegraph, plus a couple of news blogs in previous days, about an interview in this months MOJO magazine sensationally declaring -
"Marianne Faithfull knew who had killed Jim Morrison".
Astounding news you might think. And a few years ago, probably highly libelous. But as Marianne explained in her interview all the participants in such affair are long gone. She now being the only one left close to those shadowy events in 1971.

It seems the whole revelation had come to light when a previous and somewhat leading question had been put to her by a French journalist, "Why did you kill Jim Morrison?".
A bizarre enough question in itself given there's hardly been a ground swell of opinion that Marianne had ever doomed the Lizard King to his death in the first place. But Marianne had decided on this occasion, which even more surprisingly assumes she's been asked this question before (!), that instead of flying at this scum raking journo she would take the whole question very seriously and tell the hack exactly what she thought had happened.

Which basically amounts to her boyfriend at the time, and it really doesn't matter who that was except like herself he had been into the dreaded 'horse' at the time, and most likely taken some around to Jim's flat who'd then overdosed on the stronger than expected package.
Well yes.. that's not an unlikely scenario with many drug overdoses. You could think of similar cases with the same outcome caused by someone either laying off for some time and then going back to their old dose or just the dope was too pure. Back in the fall out of a drug addled late 60's the dream looked more than over for a few having gone down that particular route.
And given that at the time the francaise Police found no suspicious circumstances of Jim's death there was no autopsy as a result, as is the way in the investigation of such deaths then, if not still now. But you have to think the story is as possible a set of circumstances as any.

So there it was after all these years. The story as Marianne saw it anyway. She also said she'd had a fare amount of foreboding about this particular evening and took a couple of sleepers (turinol) to put herself completely out of the picture.
So in the end it can only be supposition and Marianne's suspicion, although you can be sure there's not enough real evidence to stop a load of conspiracy loons continuing to think Jim Morrison never did meet his maker that night or any other time.

But there is also another question and one that never seems to come up -
Why was Jim Morrisin's body never taken home to the States ?
The grave plot itself is certainly in Paris and still visited by many fans. It's there for all to see in pictures and film.
But how come Jim's body was buried there ? so far from his homeland. Most families go to any expense to bring their loved ones home. Had Jim been abandoned by his family ? Or had he disowned them to the extent he could never be forgiven for this family betrayal ?

There was an early period of his life when he denied knowing who his parents were but to deny that bit of Jim fiction there's a rather famous picture of him standing with his father, Admiral Stephen George Morrison no less, on the bridge of his battleship (picture right).
Which makes the whole business of Jim not being repatriated back to the family even more odd.
This was a very middle class family and that would be most unlike a high ranking member of the forces to appear so unjust. Plus, if the middle classes are about anything it's most certainly about "appearances".
To add further poignancy to the event at the time..

    "Admiral Morrison was the keynote speaker at the decommissioning ceremony for Bon Homme Richard, his first ship as an Admiral, on July 3, 1971 in Washington D.C., the same day his son, rock musician Jim Morrison, died in Paris, France at age 27."
George Stephen Morrison, Jim's father lived until 2008, and said nothing about anything.

A few years back in asking a life long resident of Montmartre, that great bohemian quarter of Paris, "So why didn't Jim Morrisons body return to his home in the States?".. he answered without hesitation "Yes, why wasn't it ?".
His look was a giveaway but his words meant he wasn't going to say anything else.
It's unlikely Marianne has the answer to that question either.