Tuesday, 22 July 2014

nuggets anniversary new york

You know the name Nuggets. It's that fab compilation vinyl album of garage beat and psyche from the mid - late 60's, or as was properly titled 'Original Artyfacts From the First Psychedelic Era'.
The original album was released by Elektra in 1972 and overseen by Jac Holzman, founder of Elektra Records, and Lenny Kaye, who later went onto be lead guitarist with the Patti Smith Group (shrewd choice there by Patti with Kaye being one of the first to use the term "punk rock" on the Nugget sleeve notes. And yes punk rock did first begin in the States and not the UK as some might like to believe).

Anyway all of that is now well documented rock history, but it is one hell of a good chunk of vinyl if you haven't got one yet.
The point is in June this year and slipping under the radar somewhat was a reunion called "Summer of Nuggets 2" at the New York City Winery, and joining Lenny Kaye were various and assorted guests all gathered in to recreate those throbbing beat songs of the era.
Here's a little seen clip from the night with Lenny Kaye, Glen Burtnik, Tony Shanahan, Jack Petruzzelli Jay Dee Daugherty and the Red White 'n' Blue rhythm section playing 'She's About a Mover' which is a 1965 song by the Sir Douglas Quintet.
Although in this clip you won't be seeing much of the band because the camera was operated solely by someone who had his lens on one thing. The Nuggettes. !
And The Nuggettes were rather unsurprisingly two go-go dancers who wiggled and shimmied in proper 60's fashion, even down to the white knee length boots.
During the evening the bands do a pretty good job of keeping the beats moving but you can't help but think that maybe with a couple of them using music stands to read the music this might have lost some of the early reckless spirit of the originals. It would have been good to see some young dudes trying their hands at this stuff.
Still, except for the last shot and the drummer in the background we don't get to see any of the band in this clip because of course we'll be going go-go dancing.
Lets go go.