Wednesday, 23 July 2014

metal in the "post" everything age


So where is metal in 2014?
Well it seems we've reached "Post" everything. That is "Post Doom Metal/Post Hardcore/Post Metal”.
There's so many derivations of the thing that began as riff based rock you'd hardly be blamed for not caring what the hell is going on in the genre. Even fans of the genre are getting confused with the shock of the new categories that seem to multiply on a daily basis by bands with a standard metal name and big ideas about how their music should be perceived. Identification is big in metal. Mainly because there's so many. And from all over the planet.
But fear not metallers. Here's a name of splendor. Lets hear it for -
"He Whose Ox Is Gored".
You gotta smile at that. But like most metal players they gave the name serious attention.
Guitarist/vocalist Brian McClelland in an interview for The Stranger

    "It's an Old Testament reference, but it's used more as 'Whose interests are at stake' in modern terms. I've always loved the name as I've interpreted it, more like 'Who is at a disadvantage' or things that we struggle with in the human exchange. And everybody has a stupid-ass metal name these days. It's important to find something that you believe in and stand for it."

Ha. "Stupid ass metal name" ! Well that's bound to upset those with stupid ass metal names.
Anyway what you hear is a big expansive cinematic sound.. sort of like heavy progressive rock with a dark theme. This would probably make a very good War Game soundtrack.
This Seattle band are definitely Post Doom Metal/Post Hardcore/Post Metal.
Aren't they?

The EP is out now from their bandcamp site or the widget below.