Wednesday, 30 July 2014

keep taking the 'blues pills'

There's something very unique about how the new musicians coming out of Sweden are examining the roots of 60's and 70's rock and creating their own footprints in the genre.
The debut album by Blues Pills is further proof of how that classic era of rock is shaping the sound of so many of the new bands in Europe. And the quality of the musicianship and production in Sweden as we know is really high. One proviso to this is Blues Pills are an American-Swedish-French group from Sweden.

Since their first single in 2011 Blues Pills have received some spectacular praise. You hear them and you instantly see why they've turned so many ears. What's more they're young. (bet their sick of hearing that).
Elin Larsson - Vocals, Dorian Sorriaux - Guitar, Zack Anderson - Bass, although there doesn't seem to be a regular drummer at the moment. In 2011 their sound was more hard blues rock, in 2014 and this first album it's more of a psychedelic blues rock. Which figures given current trends especially departing Sweden over the last year or so.
Put them in an interview and they'll talk about the album sleeve artwork as happily as their music, which by the way was designed by Marijke Koger-Dunham, who designed clothing for The Beatles and Cream. See the heritage there? You will on the album cover.
Their influences are more than obvious once you hear the sound. And you'll probably figure a few more they haven't even heard of yet.
Look, the best thing is hear it and you'll get the drift instantly. Here's the first single back in 2012.

So now you've figured that's one hell of a pair of lungs on vocalist Elin Larsson, and the guitarist and bass player are way sharper than they should be given they've only been around for one limited tour until now.
And you can also figure that Nuclear Blast records are hopping up and down with delight over securing this bands first album and just how this band are going to impress. Check last years live version of Black Smoke.
The self titled 'Blues Pills' is available now in Europe and the UK, and is available in the States from August 5th. See Amazon
What's more Nuclear Blast have streamed the whole album.
This is probably one of the finest debuts of any band in decades.