Tuesday, 29 July 2014

'earth' below

If you're forever linked with Kurt Cobain's death as Dylan Carlson was, being a close buddy of Kurt's, you're unlikely to have the easiest of times with written appraisal but why his wiki entry should be so sparse is somewhat puzzling to say the least. The man has been around some.

    "During his illness and drug addiction, Carlson lent a shotgun to Kurt Cobain which he used to commit suicide".

Carlson is the only constant member, guitarist and vocalist with 'Earth', and if there was one good reason for mentioning him and this recording it would be expanded on right now. Oh yes apart from he's picked 5 favourite songs in this months Mojo magazine.
That and the track 'Father Midnight' from Earth's 11th album 'Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light' is such a behemoth of sound it needs to be included in a dark corner of anyone's garage.
With an opening orchestral chord that reminds of one of Robin Trower's power chords on "Earth Below" and a cross between 'Escalator Over The Hill' Hotel Band in extreme slow motion, there's not one instant memory of anyone dare using that unwieldy of instruments, a bass clarinet, in a rock context outside of Miles Davis 40 years ago on 'Bitches Brew'.
This extraordinary piece of music is beyond most musical imagination.

Earth are on tour in Europe and the States at the moment dates are on their website