Wednesday, 11 June 2014

petty rare

    "Before the modern Internet, lots of media was "rare" -- bootleg recordings, strange videos, obscure bands -- but today, nothing is rare."
    Rex Sorgatz/Medium.

And that's no lie Rex. His whole article can be read here by the way. Mind you one thing that is increasingly rare is a web page that doesn't spew a dozen flash embedded adverts that either grind the page to a halt or crash the browser because you haven't upgraded to the latest data collecting plug in.
Anyway back to it. Here's another thing that's going to be rare, the below embedded Soundcloud clip of a track from Tom Petty's new album "Hypnotic Eye". You can expect this little taster to disappear in reasonably short time just like Neil Young's did a couple of weeks back. Seems the old guard of rockers are very frosty when letting you hear something for nothing. They are all doing their very best to get their money's worth from the fan before the albums released because once it is.. well you know what's going to happen. It'll be sprang on the web as fast as you can say "rarity".
Which means it now looks like the key to successful sales happens on the build up to the album release date with advance orders, and before anyone can get their hands on the actual disc.. or in most cases the digital copy.
At the moment apart from this one Soundcloud track that's being hidden away to most eyes, Tom has also given a further 2 tracks to another embedded player, but this time not at Soundcloud. You don't even notice before you hit the inviting play button but as soon as you do up comes a small on top window saying "you're nearly there... to join up to Spotify".
Gawd almighty it's another ad and this time with a join up. No thanks Tom I can do without hearing your track until it's on YouTube, and it will be. And then we can all decide whether we want to buy it or not.
You see not too long ago that's how it worked. You went into a record shop, you asked the assistant to play something and she played it and then if you liked it you bought it. Nope, you didn't have to sign up for anything.
It seems like everyone is completely scared they're not making enough money. Or is it that it's now very rare for anyone to want to pay for the music. Sure there's plenty of it about nowadays, but fans are pretty loyal and they will pay if they like what they hear.

So here is that rarity, you can hear the new Tom Petty track "American Dream Plan B* from the forthcoming album 'Hypnotic Eye'.
And it's quite a change for Tom because it doesn't sound at all like his usual Dylany intoned nasal voice. He's gone and made a rock and roll record. Good guitar break in it too.
See, that's some free advertisng right there. Now all you do is decide if you want to pay for it because it probably won't be here for too long