Tuesday, 10 June 2014

dear lemmy...

Lemmy Kilmister as an Agony Aunt? An unlikely scenario you might well think, but in 1994 a Canadian rock TV program persuaded Lemmy to cooperate for just that purpose and the widely perceived wild man of metal answered letters sent in by young viewers of the day. Bet the program makers thought they'd get some wild man metal answers to outrage the good folk in Canada. How wrong they were.
In what today might be described as one camera podcast footage, the noticeably younger looking Lemmy, (it was 20 years ago), sets about the thorny issues of teenage anxt with some very funny remarks and what might have surprised the recipients of the advice at the time, a genuine compassion to the problems that they lay before him. One of them a particularly delicate nature for a teenager is handled so well it would be hard pushed to see how anyone else could have advised anything more appropriate.
As the uploader said "the middle one (letter) was so sad and he was so lovely about it and so heartfeltly honest, genuine and sincere"
It's true, Lemmy has always been a man of the people.

Nicely dug out by Ron Kretsch at Dangerous Minds