Friday, 23 May 2014

sean lennon and GHOSTT on WNYC

Sean Lennon doesn't half get some stick for just about anything he does. There's some very miserable sods out there who just like being mean. Still, I bet he's used to it and if he's anything like his Dad he'll give two fingers to the lot of them and just get on with it. But the best reply to anything is with the music.
His new band GHOSTT played an in-studio session for New York's WNYC 'Spinning On Air' in April and what a session this turned out to be.
Sean on guitar and vocals; Charlotte Kemp Muhl, bass and vocals; Jared Samuel, keyboards and vocals; Robbie Mangano, guitar and vocals; Tum Kuhl, drums.
This band looks and sounds right from the opening howl of feedback. The song's called 'Too Deep' and you can catch the whole show at WYNC's site.
Note here that the bass player Charlotte Kemp Muhl co wrote the song with Lennon. Yep, he works with a good bass playing song writing partner... right?