Thursday, 27 June 2013

not well lemmy

After yesterday's news on the death of Alan Mayer (Devo) we sure don't want to turn these posts into a procession of bad news but according to CherryBombed via UltimateGuitar via etc etc (you get the idea its the intervine again), Lemmy Kilmister underwent surgery last week to have a defibrillator fitted into his chest. This will help his heart beat normally but consequently Motorhead have now cancelled gigs in Austria and Milan because he's now suffered a hematoma, a condition that has caused blood clots to form "anywhere in his body".

This is not great news at all for the Motormeister. Doctors will no doubt want to monitor the situation and rely on complete rest and recuperation before he starts up again with any big effort like playing gigs. Whether the 'Ace of Spades' actually listens to any advice he's given is another thing entirely.
Just get well Lemmy.