Friday, 28 June 2013

glastonbury 2013

So the annual mudfest that is Glastonbury has begun. Good news for all, is despite the initial 2 inches of clay the weather sets to be fine over the weekend so festival goers will not have to purchase over priced waterproofs for the rest of the weekend.
The first up on the main stage today was Liam Gallagher and his Beady Eye. He had claimed he wouldn't play the festival again because it was now full of 'celebrities' and it had lost touch with its hippy roots, but when the chips are down for an extra boost to his recently released 2nd CD you can rely on Liam to do the right thing. His post gig comments of "great vibe" might not be the final word.

With the festival seeming even larger this year with over 100 stages it's going to be a struggle to work through the list of who's actually playing let alone make the gig in time to see the band. !00 stages! is that even possible.
The list of performers is endless. (see above)
Tonights main stage headline group are the Arctic Monkeys. Tomorrow the Stones. Rumours, yes always rumours, are abounding that Bowie might make a suprise appearance. One word "unlikely", unless he plans an inpromptu 'Dancing In The Street' with Stoneage Mick.
But the Stones are the big draw for the Festival and with live BBC television on overdrive to show as many highlights alongside the mangled words of over excitable presenters there's going to be plenty of chances to see parts of the show. The rest will no doubt appear as a very reasonably priced DVD later in the year.
At 200 pounds a ticket, and only knows what tout ticket prices are by now, this years pop bonanza is set to be a success for the Eavis company down at jollity farm.
Anybody bring the sun block?