Wednesday, 23 March 2016

mechina - progenitor

So, at the start of the year I had every good intention to get back into writing some stuff online, playing guitar, recording etc, but as life would have it ive already been bogged down with the daily grind of work and other not so entertaining stuff.

Anyway, at least the listening and enjoying music part never gets taken away. So to start the year the first album I was looking forward to was the new years day release of American industrial metallers Mechina. I ordered my copy of the album Progenitor on cd, and my understanding being that they are still an unsigned independent band, eagerly awaited my copy of the album to arrive from the US which it did earlier this month.

Ive been a massive fan of heavy industrial music since I first heard Fear Factory's Demanufature album, and im also one of those people who has grown up fascinated by science and technology. So, I probably fall into the core fanbase for this type of music. But this album... well it delivers on a huge scale. Ive been a fan of this band for a few years now and have a most of their albums as cds ive bought just to get my hands on everything they do. To be able to write, play and produce something of this level as an independent band is impressive. And the fact that it is a conceptual story spanning over the albums makes it even more interesting. That being said, id be quite happy with a video to this, the whole thing... it could be a musical. No, not in the old sense of a musical, and not just a music video. This is the future, there should be CGI video to go along with each track playing out the whole story.

If you like your industrial music heavy, or if you just wanna load up Commander Shepard or the Master Chief and save the Universe, this might just be something you need to take a listen to.

Mechina - Planetfall

Mechina - Progenitor