Wednesday, 20 May 2015

farewell phil

Its with great sadness I write this post, earlier this week my good friend Phil and founder of the Garage passed away. Phil last posted on the site last month explaining the point of the Garage, the music and the site, and 'where he was'. There will be more to say in future, but I just wanted to let those who have taken an interest or involvement in Phil's work here at the Garage know the sad news.

Phil took me under his wing about 4 years ago, originally just to show me a bit about recording, but this turned into writing our own tracks, turning into projects and then albums. Phil opened new doors and provided me with an abundance of new (or old) music, different styles from around the world and different ways of interpreting or creating music. But mainly Phil and I just enjoyed our passion for music, spanning from his generation and before to my generation and beyond. Hopefully I taught him a thing or two as well!

Phil wanted the idea of the Garage to be more than just the sum of its parts. The idea that that he could stick something online and just leave it as a piece of archived history for all to see, and come and go as they please, is a large part of the way the site is run. Phil, and I, wanted the site to keep going for as long as there is interesting music to be found and people interested in finding it, so I aim to keep the site going (as best as my writing ability allows me to) as a platform to tell about any interesting sights and sounds, same as before.

Its already been posted but here's a track we knocked up in a few hours just for a bit of fun last year. Phil told me this is the first track he had sung on since his punk days... 

Farewell Phil, rest in peace my friend. Thanks for all the great times and everything you taught me, ill make sure I keep rockin!