Tuesday, 14 April 2015

ziltoid... at the royal albert hall

Knowing the history and cultural significance of the Royal Albert Hall, the last thing you would expect to see there would be green aliens, grown adults playing with puppets and a collection of the most bizarre videos the internet has to offer. But yes, it happened last night when Devin Townsend took Ziltoid's second musical outing to the Royal Albert Hall.

The almost 3 hour set was split into to halves, the first continuing the bizarre story of Ziltoid helping to save the world and searching for coffee in a sort of metal theatre somewhere between War of the Worlds crossed with Monty Python. Both the music and Townsend's bizarre form of entertainment, with Ziltoid, the War Princess and big pink 'Poozers' running around the stage, was superb and every bit as crazy as expected. 

The second half of the show seemed a lot less bizarre, a by request set by the fans. This was no less entertaining, however, with 20 years worth of music to choose from this was a masterpiece selection showing both Townsend's and the entire bands talent and enjoyment on stage. The performance of The Death of Music was a personal, and unexpected, favourite to see with Townsend leaving the guitar alone for an incredible and haunting vocal performance.

 The concert ended with a load of VIPs and Townsend's young son joining him onstage for his last bit of musical fun, with Townsend thanking as many people he seemed to be able to remember through his musical career, and giving hope to anyone in a band, or musicians, that they could do this too and to just keep going!

Devin Townsend at the Royal Albert Hall provided one of the most bizarre and incredible live music experiences ive ever witnessed!