Tuesday, 17 March 2015

the constant state of malka

We don't get many of the new psychedelic bands coming out of New York sent this way. Guess it's hard to feel the wide open spaces with all that high rise and high tension. But Malka have nailed a beautiful wide landscape of dreams and visions with a high level production so nothing is lost in the New Jersey haze.
They've been described as Shoe-Gaze and Dream Pop but that's a bit of a disservice as you ain't going to be making this stuff looking at your feet and Dream Pop tends to suggest as a less than intensive experience. The sounds are far too good to be marginalised. It's just good psychedelic coming from 4 guys who know what they're doing with the instruments. The vocalist EJ DeCoste is actually doubling on guitar and synth so knows exactly how to make the song blend into a wall of multi textures produced by David Ciauro - bass and vocals, Michael Dawson - Drums, Darko Saric - guitars, synths and vocals.
The first track a 'Flock Of Crows' (ha, very good, we see what you did there) spells out exactly how it all works. 'The Constant State' is a very cool blend of psyches past and present.
But definitely a more New York style video also taken from the bandcamp mini-album (below the widget) so it's not all trees and sunlight after all. (Thanks for the white noise guys it's restored our faith in New York).