Tuesday, 3 March 2015

st anger sounds good... when not done by metallica

With undeniably Metallica's worst guitar tones, and Lars' drumkit sounding like Victorian kitchen equipment, the release of Metallica's 2003 album St Anger divided listeners with its so called 'raw production'. Even now the album has not stood the test of time well and remains unfavoured by fans and possibly Metallica in an effort that would best be left forgotten.... until now

Members from Birmingham band Grace the Skies obviously felt the album deserved another chance and re-recorded the album in its entirety. And it sounds great! 


The St Anger 2015 Project, as its known, said
"Recorded during a turbulent time in the bands career, St. Anger has always divided opinion. Some longtime fans were turned off by the drop tuned riffs and raw production, whilst some listeners embraced it, myself included. #STANGER2015 is for the listeners who weren't so fond on the record back when it was released in 2003.

Recorded from the ground up, the album has been shortened by 15 minutes, yet every riff and lyric is intact, resulting in a more concise and focused record."

Metallica could learn a thing or two from this!

Go check out Grace the Skies own stuff at gracetheskies.bandcamp.com