Thursday, 15 January 2015

second slice of cranium pie

Fruits De Mer have announced their first release this year with Cranium Pie's double LP of classic UK progressive rock.

    "...three years in the making, at last the band follow up their brilliant (and highly-collectible) first long-player on Fruits de Mer ( 'Mechanisms Part 1', for those of you keeping count), and it's a more than worthy successor to the album that was voted by Geoff Barton in Classic Rock as "bonkers prog LP of the year, 2012".
    Mainly instrumental, with lots of lovely Hammondy organ sounds and fx, 'Mechanisms 2' recalls the classic bands and years of progressive rock, with shades of Van Der Graaf Generator, Egg, Soft Machine, even Zappa - but with that twisted Wiltshire sound. Four sides of great music, it could almost be a lost album from Charisma, Vertigo or Music for Pleasure, but it isn't..."
No it's a typical piece of FDMs fine vinyl and as usual they'll be in short supply if you don't advance order. In the UK you can pre-order 'Mechanisms 2' for £20 post-free direct from Fruits de Mer if you're not, please pre-order from or
Here's the splendid 'The Lost Song' from the new album and a cautionary tale about the band and crustacean interference.