Thursday, 27 November 2014

the midnight ghost train redefine the video promo

Whoever thought out and directed this video for The Midnight Ghost Train's new album should really get full credit for lifting what could have been the usual album teaser into something of milestone in video promotion.
As the band put it themselves -

    "Now this is not your typical album promotion film. This is not NOW THATS WHAT I CALL MUSIC VOLUME 53. This is very different from anything else out there. Us and Breaker Box Productions, worked our asses off on getting this to look and be as awesome as possible."

Not a word exaggerated there either. As one You Tube comment questioned "Why can't more bands do this?".
The fact that it's come from the unlikely source of a heavy rock blues trio only adds to the intrigue. Heavy rock blues hardly being known for it's artistic leanings and like any heavy rock/metal audience it usually know's exactly what it likes and expects nothing less.
That even bares out to some extent in this case as a minority of usual hard core thick headed fans have disliked this video. Happily a far larger amount like the end result. That at least shows this rare breed of heavy blues audience are not just content with the predictable.

And this bit of album promo is certainly not predictable. It starts like something set in Paris, Texas with a rural farmer who could have been alive in any decade since the Dust Bowl. His world is as much of silence as it is the early origins of the blues music that sprang from the land a 100 years ago. His vacant stare betrays nothing of his thoughts as he goes about his business in the modern world. The rest of the story is for the band to to tell.

Make no mistake this is not just a video promo for The Midnight Ghost Train's 'Cold Was The Ground' album but a genuine short movie at 4.56 minutes, and brilliantly entertaining
Pity some full length films weren't this good.

'Cold Was The Ground' (great title by the way) is not due out until February next year. See the bands website for further details.