Thursday, 23 October 2014

wilko not dead shock

Just last February Wilko Johnson, having been previously diagnosed with cancer and having refused further treatment, had resigned himself to his fate. With his farewell tour finished and having recorded a final goodbye album with Roger Daltry, with his typical humour said at the time "It was a case of hurry up so I can hear it. I mean blimey, I'm supposed to be dead already"
Wilko's acceptance of his condition had drawn many an admiring comment, he had even gone through the arduous task of television interview's explaining his thoughts and how he'd made the decision that would inevitably mean the end of his life would not be far away. Wilko's doctor had told him he had until October last year, yet his determination in carrying out his last tour and recording had seen him carry past that date.
As you watched his interviews and obvious ailing body you had to think this may be the last time you would see him. A silent farewell was waved at the time to one of the great characters of rock.
Months passed and nothing further was heard. It all seemed as inevitable as Wilko had intimated.

Then, last night the BBC midnight news with there usual or rather unusual habit of slotting in a piece of breaking music news announced that at the Q (magazine) Icon awards that night there was a completely surprising appearance by none other than Wilko himself, who had just received his award.
With his usual upbeat and cheerful Canvey Island bonhomie he probably gave one of the all time show stopping acceptance speeches anyone could possibly give.
"He was cured of his cancer". (!!!!????)
He went on to explain that after a second Doctor, a curiously named Mr Chan, had seen his case and then proceeded with the therapy required. Well maybe a little more than therapy, Wilko had an 11 hour operation to remove the tumour from his body,
"it weighed 3kg - that's the size of a small baby!" he told, you might think would be an open mouthed audience.
"it was so big I had trouble playing me guitar around it ", probably meaning during his tour dates. "Anyway they got it all".
"I'm now recuperating and hoping to regain my strength completely soon and go back on the road".
He finishes his speech adding "The moral of the story is you never know what's going to happen".
Er yes Wilko... we've got no idea either.
One things for sure though, Wilko Johnson is a most remarkable man.
Get well soon mate.