Wednesday, 29 October 2014

the song remains the same

Jimmy Page still wittering on about Zeppelin's 2007 reunion gig tells Rolling Stone.

    “Led Zeppelin wasn't a corporate entity, Led Zeppelin was an affair of the heart. Each of the members was important to the sum total of what we were. I like to think that if it had been me that wasn't there, the others would have made the same decision. And what were we going to do? Create a role for somebody, say, ‘You have to do this, this way?’ That wouldn't be honest.
    “There were attempts that didn't work – trying to push it together in a hurry, that's why the show had to be done with such intent – rehearsing as much as we could so Jason felt he was part of the band as opposed to a novelty. He was filling big shoes, and we needed all of that.”
For gawds sake let it go Jim... let it go.

And in last nights 'Later...' (BBC Two) the appearance of Robert Plant and The Sensational Space Shifters, had Jools Holland, renowned for his clunky interviews, asking a visibly impatient Robert Plant (with two of the band sitting alongside)
"So what does it take to be a Sensational Space Shifter?"
to which Robert was quick to reply for his two bemused looking band mates,
"being with old people".
They then proceeded to have a lot of fun performing "Little Maggie".
Which is why you won't be seeing him reuniting anything any time soon.