Friday, 10 October 2014

juke box story 1958

With the usual toff bonhomie the Pathe News voice over does his best to persuade us the juke box is becoming respectable in 1958, having always been previously associated with the frightening youth craze of rock and roll it has now crossed over into the classical world. It's likely this concept is just a piece of social propoganda to persuade all parents and adults in general the juke box is not a point of devil worship for the young but a highly bankable industry.
"...normally associated with jazz and rock and roll, is rapidly becoming respectable... so be it rock or skiffle, strauss or stravinsky we're going to see and hear a lot more of the jukebox"
Although it would be somewhat unlikely classical records were ever released on vinyl 45's.
But watching the manufacturing of a juke box with it's loading arms being tested is fun. Within a few years the portable record player became the desired purchase.. and you didn't have to stuff that with coins to hear your rock and roll. With 45 singles also easily affordable the milk bars and cafe's were no longer the gathering point for young teenagers to hear their music. Eventually the juke boxes were replaced by piped music and the dreaded 'muzak' was born. A guarantee to make any teenager run screaming.
A classic Pathe News clip seen at your local flea pit.