Tuesday, 30 September 2014

very cool kat

Well here's a rarity.. a new blues band coming from the UK in 2014. This most unlikely of occurrence's comes at a time when the land is still completely obsessed with vaccuous voter pop, and little else making an appearance on national screens, a short clip appeared on a London new's channel of a little heard band called Kat&Co. Closer inspection of these kat's reveal that the lead singer is Kathleen Pearson an American blues singer with some background in some club tracks but now fronting her new found partners in blues from the UK, and likely a little further afield judging by the names - guitarist Francesco Accurso, pianist Federico Parodi, bassist Vincenzo Ettore Virgillito and Nicholas Owsianka on drums.
Earlier this summer these four produced a socking good single and video called "New Spleen Blues".
The video animation made by the pianist Parodi is a bit good too. Visually along the lines of Damon Albarn's virtual band 'Gorillaz', more club influences you might think, is cut with studio takes of the band recording and generally hanging loose in the studio. But that's where the "club" influence ends because they make a very tight and sleek approach to the very old 12 bar format.
And these guys can really play, and Kathleen has one great delivery. If they don't disappear in the mass swamp of ignorance in todays music, or get shunted off into a world of small gigs, they ought to really produce some good sound in the future. For gawds sake will someone put them on BBC2's Later with Jools Holland and give them some coverage to a rock audience.
Here, Kathleen (Kat) spits out her grievance about living in the modern world "I don't matter to you.. and the blues is dead" "with your fix and feeds and daily blogs and tweets". Wow.. and a blues song about what's relevant today? That was how it all first started wasn't it..
Sing it Kat.