Friday, 1 August 2014

samsara blues experiment live

A rare video of the Samsara Blues Experiment taken in November last year. This is before the lineup change in 2014 when they became a trio. Here with the Hans Eiselt’s rhythm guitar feeding off the sharp drumming of Thomas Vedder it kept there last album 'After The Flood' moving from power rock into a psychedelic groove rarely heard by bands since the days of The Grateful Dead.

    Christian Peters (vocals and guitar)

    "The world needs digital music, but then again it doesn’t need it at all. It just depends on you, do you want to spend your life in front of a computer searching the endless plains of the world wide web for more and more music or leave that crap and plant a tree, return home happily and listen to that old Neil Young record".

    "...we handle our own sales. Which is cool but most people don’t know anything about what happens when the band leaves the stage. We all still have jobs. I’d say this is obvious, but a lot of people look at us with eyes like an Owl when we tell them that we have to work the next morning. We’re all really quite "regular" people."

See that? Day jobs! It's why they're free to do what the flood they like with their music.
You'll probably only catch them at occasional gigs outside of Berlin this year (Berlin Swampfest. 20th September 2014)

'After The Flood' is available from their Bandcamp site. Here is the title track (worth the album price alone) at Kaktus Farm, Dortmund. 13.11.2013